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Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

03/03/2016 | Press release

Statement from Chairman Ken Martin on Precinct Caucuses

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Statement from Chairman Ken Martin on Precinct Caucuses

Final Results of 2016 Minnesota DFL Presidential Preference Ballot

'On Tuesday, Minnesotans gathered with their neighbors at 4,109 precinct caucuses throughout the state to cast votes for the presidential preference poll and participate in the business of building our party for the future.

'Turnout amongst DFLers was our second largest turnout in party history, as 206,078 people came out to cast a vote in this historic election. There were thousands of first time participants who showed up, waited in long lines, and made their voices heard because they were inspired by our candidates' message for the future.

'The turnout we saw on Tuesday, which was almost double the turnout on the Republican side, is a reflection of the enthusiasm and excitement for our Democratic Presidential candidates, DFL candidates up and down the ballot, and the issues and values our DFL Party is fighting for each and every day. It is clear with the enthusiasm generated at our caucuses, that Minnesota will once again continue its longest-in-the-nation streak of voting for the Democratic Presidential nominee this November.

'I want to congratulate both of our Democratic Presidential candidates on the impressive campaigns they built here in this state and the positive issue-based debate they had about the future of our state and country.

'With 100% of the results now reported, Minnesota DFLers delivered a decisive victory for Senator Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. Senator Sanders was victorious in every Congressional District in this state which is a testament to the breadth of his support in Minnesota and his campaign organization.

'A humongous thanks to the 15,000 volunteers who helped run our precinct caucus locations across the state, and each and every voter who showed up and made their voice heard.

'The results below while 100% complete are unofficial until they are both verified with DFL Organizing Unit leaders and certified by the Democratic National Committee.'

Photo of Unofficial Results from 2016 DFL Caucuses:

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