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How To Clean Uggs How To Clean Uggs


How To Clean Uggs

Written by: Jeannine Amerson

Learn the best methods for cleaning your Uggs to keep them looking fresh and stylish. Discover how to maintain your favorite footwear for a long-lasting lifestyle.

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Uggs, the iconic sheepskin boots, are beloved for their cozy comfort and timeless style. Whether you've been trekking through winter snow or navigating muddy paths, your Uggs may have accumulated dirt, stains, or water marks. Fear not! With the right materials and a few simple steps, you can restore your Uggs to their pristine condition.

Cleaning your Uggs not only rejuvenates their appearance but also prolongs their lifespan. By removing dirt and stains, you can prevent permanent damage and keep your boots looking fresh for years to come. Additionally, regular cleaning helps maintain the softness and plushness of the sheepskin, ensuring that your Uggs continue to provide the luxurious warmth and comfort they are known for.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your Uggs, from brushing off dirt and debris to restoring the nap of the suede. By following these instructions, you can effectively revitalize your beloved boots and keep them looking as good as new.

So, gather your cleaning supplies and get ready to give your Uggs the care they deserve. With a little time and effort, you can ensure that your favorite footwear remains a stylish and cozy companion for many seasons to come. Let's dive into the materials needed and the step-by-step cleaning process to bring back the allure of your Uggs.


Materials Needed

Before embarking on the journey to restore your Uggs to their former glory, it's essential to gather the necessary materials. Ensuring that you have the right tools at your disposal will streamline the cleaning process and help you achieve optimal results. Here's a comprehensive list of the materials you'll need:

  1. Soft-bristled brush: A gentle brush, specifically designed for suede or sheepskin, is crucial for removing dirt and debris from the surface of your Uggs without causing damage.

  2. Suede eraser or pencil eraser: This handy tool is effective for tackling small stains and marks on the suede material. It helps lift away blemishes without harming the delicate texture of the boots.

  3. White vinegar and water: A mixture of white vinegar and water serves as a natural and effective cleaning solution for removing tough stains and odors from your Uggs.

  4. Clean, dry cloth: Having a soft, clean cloth on hand is essential for blotting and drying the boots during the cleaning process.

  5. Suede brush or sponge: A specialized suede brush or sponge is ideal for restoring the nap of the suede after cleaning, ensuring that the boots regain their luxurious texture.

  6. Sheepskin cleaner and conditioner: Investing in a high-quality sheepskin cleaner and conditioner is crucial for maintaining the softness and luster of your Uggs. Look for a product specifically formulated for sheepskin footwear.

  7. Waterproofing spray: To protect your freshly cleaned Uggs from future moisture and stains, a waterproofing spray designed for suede and sheepskin is a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal.

By assembling these essential materials, you'll be well-equipped to undertake the cleaning process with confidence and precision. With the right tools at your disposal, you can effectively address dirt, stains, and other imperfections, ensuring that your Uggs receive the care they deserve. Now that you have all the necessary materials, let's proceed to the step-by-step cleaning process to rejuvenate your beloved boots.


Step 1: Brush off dirt and debris

The first step in restoring your Uggs to their pristine condition is to gently brush off any accumulated dirt and debris. This initial cleaning stage is crucial for preparing the boots for deeper cleaning and helps prevent the particles from embedding further into the suede or sheepskin. To effectively brush off dirt and debris, follow these detailed instructions:

  1. Use a Soft-Bristled Brush: Begin by using a soft-bristled brush specifically designed for suede or sheepskin. This type of brush is gentle enough to remove surface dirt without causing damage to the delicate material of the boots. Avoid using stiff brushes or abrasive tools that could potentially harm the texture of the suede.

  2. Brush in One Direction: Gently brush the entire surface of the boots in one direction, following the natural grain of the suede. This method helps lift and loosen dirt and debris, allowing for easier removal. Take care to brush with light, even strokes to avoid excessive pressure on the material.

  3. Focus on Seams and Crevices: Pay special attention to the seams and crevices of the boots, as these areas tend to accumulate more dirt and debris. Use the brush to carefully dislodge any particles trapped in these hard-to-reach spots, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

  4. Be Methodical: Work systematically, starting from the top of the boot and gradually moving downwards. By approaching the cleaning process in a methodical manner, you can ensure that no area is overlooked, and the entire surface of the boots receives attention.

  5. Inspect for Lingering Debris: After brushing, take a moment to inspect the boots for any lingering debris. If you notice stubborn dirt or particles, continue gently brushing the affected areas until the surface appears clean and free of visible debris.

By diligently brushing off dirt and debris from your Uggs, you pave the way for the subsequent cleaning steps to be more effective. This initial stage sets the foundation for achieving a thorough and successful restoration of your beloved boots. With the surface dirt and debris removed, you can proceed with confidence to address any remaining stains and imperfections in the following steps.


Step 2: Spot clean stains

After brushing off dirt and debris from your Uggs, the next crucial step is to address any specific stains or marks that may be marring the appearance of the boots. Spot cleaning allows you to target individual blemishes, ensuring that your Uggs regain their pristine allure. Whether it's a water stain from unexpected rain or a small smudge acquired during your outdoor adventures, spot cleaning provides a focused approach to restoring the beauty of your beloved boots.

To effectively spot clean stains on your Uggs, follow these detailed instructions:

  1. Identify the Stains: Carefully examine the boots to identify any visible stains or marks. Common culprits include water stains, mud spots, or accidental spills. By pinpointing the specific areas that require attention, you can tailor your spot cleaning efforts for optimal results.

  2. Use a Suede Eraser or Pencil Eraser: For small, dry stains, a suede eraser or a standard pencil eraser can be remarkably effective. Gently rub the eraser over the affected area, applying light pressure to lift the stain. The eraser's texture helps absorb the blemish without causing damage to the suede or sheepskin.

  3. Dab with White Vinegar Solution: For tougher or wet stains, prepare a solution of white vinegar and water. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a small bowl. Dab a clean, dry cloth into the solution, ensuring it is damp but not saturated. Gently blot the stained area, allowing the solution to lift the blemish. Take care to blot with light pressure to avoid excessive moisture absorption.

  4. Blot and Air Dry: After treating the stains with the white vinegar solution, use a separate dry cloth to blot the dampened area. This helps absorb excess moisture and aids in the drying process. Allow the boots to air dry naturally, avoiding direct heat sources or sunlight, which can potentially damage the suede or sheepskin.

  5. Assess and Repeat if Necessary: Once the spot cleaning process is complete, assess the treated areas. If any stains persist, consider repeating the targeted cleaning method until the blemishes are satisfactorily diminished.

By diligently spot cleaning stains on your Uggs, you can effectively address specific imperfections and restore the overall appearance of the boots. This focused approach ensures that your beloved footwear maintains its timeless elegance and pristine condition, ready to accompany you on countless adventures with renewed allure.


Step 3: Clean the entire boot

After addressing specific stains, it's time to embark on the comprehensive cleaning of the entire boot. This step is pivotal in ensuring that your Uggs receive a thorough rejuvenation, removing any remaining dirt, grime, or residual marks that may detract from their pristine appearance. By following these detailed instructions, you can effectively clean the entire boot, restoring its luxurious texture and timeless allure.

  1. Prepare the Cleaning Solution: Begin by preparing a gentle cleaning solution using a mixture of water and a small amount of mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or strong cleaners, as these can potentially damage the delicate suede or sheepskin. Mix the detergent with water to create a sudsy solution in a small bowl or container.

  2. Dampen a Clean Cloth: Dampen a clean, soft cloth in the prepared cleaning solution. Ensure that the cloth is moist but not excessively wet, as excessive moisture can harm the boots. Gently wring out any excess liquid to achieve the ideal dampness for cleaning.

  3. Clean in Circular Motions: With the dampened cloth, gently clean the entire surface of the boots using circular motions. Work methodically, starting from the top and gradually moving downwards. Take care to cover the entire boot, including the sides and back, to ensure a comprehensive cleaning process.

  4. Focus on Stubborn Areas: Pay special attention to areas with stubborn dirt or stains. Use gentle pressure and circular motions to lift and remove any remaining imperfections. Take your time to ensure that all visible dirt and marks are effectively addressed.

  5. Blot and Air Dry: After cleaning the boots, use a separate clean, dry cloth to blot any excess moisture. Allow the boots to air dry naturally, avoiding direct heat sources or sunlight. This gentle drying process helps maintain the integrity of the suede and sheepskin, ensuring that the boots retain their plush texture.

  6. Inspect for Consistency: Once the boots are dry, inspect them for consistency in cleanliness. If any areas require further attention, consider repeating the cleaning process to achieve uniformity in appearance.

By meticulously cleaning the entire boot, you can revitalize your Uggs, ensuring that they regain their luxurious softness and pristine allure. This comprehensive cleaning process sets the stage for the final step of restoring the nap of the suede, bringing your beloved boots back to their original splendor.


Step 4: Dry the boots

Properly drying your Uggs after the cleaning process is essential to maintain their shape, texture, and overall integrity. By following the correct drying techniques, you can ensure that your beloved boots retain their plushness and avoid potential damage. Here's a detailed guide on how to effectively dry your Uggs:

  1. Remove Excess Moisture: After the cleaning process, gently blot the boots with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. Avoid rubbing or applying excessive pressure, as this can compress the suede or sheepskin.

  2. Stuff with Paper Towels: To help the boots maintain their shape as they dry, loosely stuff them with clean, dry paper towels. This not only aids in preserving the form of the boots but also assists in absorbing residual moisture from the interior.

  3. Air Dry in a Well-Ventilated Area: Place the boots in a well-ventilated area at room temperature to air dry naturally. Avoid direct heat sources such as radiators or hair dryers, as excessive heat can cause the suede or sheepskin to become stiff or misshapen.

  4. Allow Ample Drying Time: Be patient and allow the boots to dry thoroughly. The drying time may vary depending on the level of moisture absorbed during the cleaning process. It's important to ensure that the boots are completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

  5. Gently Brush the Nap: Once the boots are fully dry, use a suede brush or sponge to gently brush the nap of the suede in one direction. This helps restore the soft, velvety texture of the boots, ensuring that they regain their luxurious appeal.

By diligently following these drying steps, you can safeguard the quality and appearance of your Uggs, allowing them to emerge from the cleaning process with renewed plushness and elegance. Proper drying not only preserves the integrity of the boots but also sets the stage for the final step of restoring the nap of the suede, ensuring that your Uggs maintain their timeless allure.


Step 5: Restore the nap of the suede

After the thorough cleaning and drying process, it's time to focus on restoring the luxurious nap of the suede, ensuring that your Uggs regain their soft, velvety texture. The nap refers to the raised, fuzzy surface characteristic of suede, and revitalizing it is essential for preserving the boots' timeless allure. By following these detailed instructions, you can effectively restore the nap of the suede, bringing back the plushness and elegance of your beloved boots.

Instructions for Restoring the Nap:

  1. Use a Suede Brush or Sponge: Begin by gently using a specialized suede brush or sponge designed for restoring the nap of the suede. These tools are specifically crafted to lift and separate the suede fibers, helping to revive the soft, velvety texture of the material. Ensure that the brush or sponge is clean and free of any debris before proceeding.

  2. Brush in One Direction: With the suede brush or sponge, carefully brush the entire surface of the boots in one direction, following the natural grain of the suede. This method helps realign the nap fibers, restoring the plush texture and elegant appearance of the boots. Take care to brush with light, even strokes, avoiding excessive pressure that could flatten the nap.

  3. Focus on High-Traffic Areas: Pay special attention to high-traffic areas such as the toe box and heels, where the nap may have become compressed due to regular wear. By dedicating extra care to these areas during the brushing process, you can effectively rejuvenate the nap, ensuring that the boots maintain a consistent texture throughout.

  4. Restore Plushness and Softness: As you brush the nap of the suede, you'll notice the plushness and softness returning to the boots. This revitalization process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Uggs but also contributes to their overall comfort and luxurious feel.

  5. Even Out the Texture: Take the time to ensure that the nap is evenly restored across the entire surface of the boots. By maintaining a uniform nap texture, you can achieve a cohesive and elegant appearance, showcasing the timeless beauty of your rejuvenated Uggs.

By diligently restoring the nap of the suede, you can elevate the visual and tactile appeal of your Uggs, ensuring that they exude a sense of timeless elegance and luxurious comfort. This final step completes the comprehensive cleaning and rejuvenation process, allowing your beloved boots to emerge with renewed allure and plushness, ready to accompany you on countless stylish adventures.



In conclusion, the process of cleaning and rejuvenating your Uggs is not only a practical endeavor but also a labor of love for a cherished pair of footwear. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this comprehensive article, you have embarked on a journey to restore the timeless allure and plush comfort of your beloved boots.

From the initial task of brushing off dirt and debris to the meticulous spot cleaning of stains, each step was designed to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process. By utilizing the right materials and techniques, you have successfully addressed dirt, stains, and imperfections, breathing new life into your Uggs.

The comprehensive cleaning of the entire boot, coupled with the proper drying techniques, has safeguarded the integrity and plushness of the suede and sheepskin. By patiently allowing the boots to air dry and then delicately restoring the nap of the suede, you have ensured that your Uggs maintain their luxurious texture and timeless elegance.

As you reflect on the journey of cleaning your Uggs, it's important to recognize the significance of this process. Beyond the practical benefits of preserving the boots' appearance and longevity, the act of caring for your Uggs is a testament to the value you place on quality and craftsmanship. It's a demonstration of the enduring bond between you and your favorite footwear, a commitment to ensuring that they continue to accompany you on stylish adventures for years to come.

With your Uggs now rejuvenated and exuding renewed allure, you can look forward to stepping out with confidence, knowing that your cherished boots are not only stylish but also meticulously cared for. As they envelop your feet in plush comfort, you can take pride in the fact that your Uggs have been lovingly restored to their original splendor, ready to embark on new journeys with you.

So, as you lace up or slip on your freshly cleaned Uggs, take a moment to appreciate the dedication and care you've invested in preserving their timeless appeal. Your commitment to maintaining the beauty and comfort of your Uggs is a testament to the enduring bond between a fashion icon and its devoted owner. With each step, you carry forward the legacy of quality, style, and elegance that defines the essence of Uggs.

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